About Us

Otium works alongside outstanding talent in the international art scene to design and produce distinctive, diverse collections that bring contemporary art to fine porcelain. New for 2015, Otium by Julie Keyes blends a myriad of influences into expressive, entertaining designs. 




Otium collaborates with international artists who are passionate about ceramic art and design. We are excited about the idea that works of art can be functional and part of every day life. Ultimately, we want our customers to delight in our dishes! 



Otium is working exclusively with the prestigious Vista Alegre, a Portuguese porcelain factory established in the 19th Century. Rooted in the heart of Europe, Vista Alegre is world-renowned for its finely balanced blend of technical innovation and the centuries-old manual techniques of its master artisans.



Vista Alegre manufacturing secrets include the studied mixing and firing of quartz, kaolin, feldspar and clay to temperatures as high as 1400º to ensure the body can vitrify and become non-porous. Vista Alegre porcelain is of uncompromised quality; durable, white, smooth and resonant – a mandatory choice for dishwasher-safe tableware and decorative items.


“Otium was born at a springtime lunch on the deck of one of the oldest houses on Long Island, New York. I was one of the guests at the party and the seat beside me was empty until Julie Keyes walked in with freshly uprooted carrots and stem artichokes. Her elaborate stories, impressive dedication to ceramic art and the subtleties of her artistic vision struck a chord; I had found my first collaborator. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Otium was fired that afternoon rather than born – needless to say, I am delighted to introduce our launch 2015 collection: Otium by Julie Keyes.”
– Marcus Williams, Founder, Otium.